• Here at Don Smith Painting, window treatments are another aspect of your home that we specialize in. We can change many different aspects of your home just by changing the window treatment. Our window treatment consultant can help you select the right window fashion style at the best price to complete your room project. From horizontal blinds to artisan draperies, blinds and shades, we carry a full line of products from the top fabricators in the United States.

  • Types of Window Treatments That We Have

  • • Artisan drapery
    • Cellular shades
    • Exterior solar shades
    • Faux wood blinds
    • Horizontal blinds
    • Layered shades

  • • Natural drapes
    • Natural shades
    • Pleated shades
    • Roller shades
    • Roman shades
    • Sheer shades

  • • Shutters
    • Sliding panels
    • Solar shades
    • Top treatments
    • Vertical blinds
    • Wood blinds

  • Window Shades and Blinds - Sheer shades are one example of completely changing a room. These shades are made for UV protection for not only the people in the room but also for your valuables. Sheer shades have a very soft and classic appearance. With the combined window treatment, we can enhance the privacy of your window and block more light from entering your home.

    Shutters - Shutters are used to giving your home a classic look. Shutters on a home are used for privacy and light control. Shutters are a long-lasting window treatment to keep in mind when you are changing the look of your windows.

  • Vertical Blinds for Patio and Sliding Doors - Look at all your bay windows and sliding doors. Is there too much light being let into the room? With vertical blinds, you can eliminate as much light as you want. Vertical blinds will allow you to adjust how much light you want to let into a room. If you want more light in, just pull a chain and the blinds will open for you.

  • Roman Shades and Blinds - Roman shades and blinds are another vertical window treatment to consider. This soft fabric window treatment can feature multiple cloth folds on your window to help protect your home from the sun. Roman shades are one of the most customizable options to change the look and feel of a room. Being able to order the shades in different colors and fabric patterns can bring a new attitude to any room.

  • Roller Shades - Easy to install and manipulate the light that comes in and out. Roller shades can change a room completely. If you have the shades up, you will let all the light in and not repel any of the light that the sun is giving off. If you pull these shades down, you block all the light and have UV protection. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these shades are easy to order to the specific wants of a client.

  • Cellular, Plated, and Honeycomb Shades - Honeycomb shades specialize in light-filtering. You can decide how much light you want to let into the room. These shades can help make your home more energy-efficient both in the summer and winter. In the summer, these shades will help stop UV light from coming into your house and heating it up while your air conditioner is running. In the winter, the honeycomb shade will act as a shield to keep the hot air inside your home. These wonderful blinds come in many different patterns, colors, and prints.

    Metal Blinds - If you are a traditional person who wants a sleek looking window treatment with amazing UV protection, window blinds are the answer.

  • Wood Blinds - If you are looking to give a room a new look then consider wood blinds. With the ability to pick many different slat sizes, wood blinds are highly customizable. These blinds can be made from abachi, basswood, wood alternatives, and hardwoods.

    Woven Wood Shades - Woven wood shades combine the look of fabric shades and wood slat shades. The wood used in these woven shades has light filtering fibers in them. Meaning that they will protect your home from the UV rays while letting in some light. These shades can be made from the wood of bamboo, reeds, and different fiber blends. Then with the fabric, you can complement the color of the wood for the most customized looking blind of them all.

  • Come into our Springfield Illinois location to see examples of all the window treatments. You can then meet one of our interior designers who can help you select the perfect window treatment for your home.