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Here at Don Smith Paint Company, we offer a vast selection of paint products and design services catered to maintaining top customer satisfaction. Over the years we have learned customer service is the most important ingredient for obtaining this, so we offer several design options like home visits and high-quality paints you will not find elsewhere.

Design Consultation

Starting a remodel or new build? Don Smith Paint Company has their own design center! Need someone to walk you through the process of choosing flooring, lighting, cabinets, paint, and countertops? The Design Center will offer you one-on-one design consultations. We work with other local businesses to give you the FULL local experience – without the hassle!

Ambiance is defined as the character and atmosphere of a place. In-home or in-store, our knowledgeable design team greatly enjoys working with both residential and commercial customers to find that perfect shade of color for their project paired with window treatments or wallpaper. Trust us to help guide you in creating the desired ambiance in your home or business! Contact us today!

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Customizing your home can be overwhelming!

paint and design center in springfield illinois

Don Smith Design Center offers:

Don't obsess over decisions, we will coordinate it all!

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The Design Center will identify the perfect options for your family!

We will walk step by step with you - customizing your home will be a fun and exciting process!

Interior and Exterior Primers

Interior Primers – Interior primers are most often used on walls that have been painted previously or porous surfaces. This will make applying a different color of paint easier and faster. Primers can solve a few problems, as well:

Exterior Primers – When applying an exterior primer, many people do so to try to solve a problem. Some common problems include stains, tanning bleed, or water damage! With a large selection of Benjamin Moore primers, we can help you find the right primer for the job.

Interior Paints

Color is only one aspect of choosing interior paint. Most paints have a specific room type or design, like trim or bathroom, for which they were developed. Considering where you plan to paint is key for a successful project. Do you want the paint to be durable? What kind of sheen are you looking for? Eco-friendly? Should it have a simple application? Does it need to be washable? These are all things that you need to consider when selecting paint or stain.

Exterior Paints

The condition of your exterior paint is one of the most important factors for maintaining a home’s value. We believe it is the most important home maintenance project that can be done to your home. When paint and caulk begin to wear out, it stops protecting your home from the damaging effects of water and sun. Neglected flaking paint can lead to thousands of siding replacement costs, as well. Please don’t let this happen. Come into Don Smith for all your exterior paint needs! We will guide you to the right paint or stain for your exterior project.

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Wood Stains

Interior Stains – Stains enhance any wood surface with rich, beautiful color. Our oil-based and water-based stains come in a variety of options and colors. We can answer any questions you may have regarding what stains would be best for your project.

Clear Finishes – Clear finishes are applied to help surfaces resist water, stains, chemical discoloration, scuffing, and marring. You can apply a clear finish to wood, fiberglass, and metal.

Exterior Stains – Exterior stains have a wonderful effect on wood siding, decks, furniture, and fencing. Staining your wood is a great option to keep your wood protected from outdoor elements. We offer a variety of exterior stain options.


Decorative Finishes – We offer different decorative finish options to add a creative look and make your room one-of-a-kind. Some finishes include glazes, glitter, pearl-effects, and more.

Metallic – Give the walls in your house the bright shine of metal. Metallic paint will give your home new light with that beautiful sheen and shine of the paint.

Wood Working – When it comes to working with wood, different products can have many different effects. You can use moisture-resistant oils, polish removers, wood bleaches, and retouch crayons to give the wood you are working with a new look.

Wallpaper – Update any space with wallpaper from the most popular brands. Offering multiple styles, patterns and textures, we can help you find the best wallpaper for your space.